Compassion In Judaism: Wisdom and Loving-Kindness for Jewish Parents, Children, Mentors, Teachers and Students of All Ages. COMPASSION (n.) - Genuine sympathy for and desire to help others who are suffering.

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  Anonymous | Tiger from Taronga Zoo
  Asif Akbar | Bullock Cart |
  Johan van den Berg | Heartshaped Hands
  Jamie Brelsford | Aussie Dust Devil |
  Jose Fernando Carli | Friends
  Mario Carvajal | La sonrisa del Pony |
  Niall Crotty | A Helping Hand

  Aline Dassel | Pelican on Bonaire
  Marcelo Gerpe | Doggie |
  Michelle Kwajafa | Dream |
  Kasia Petlak | Baby Swans
  Trish Richhart | Acceptance 3 |
  Benjamin Stangland | MLK Street Sign
  SP Veres | Kindness 2