Compassion In Judaism: Wisdom and Loving-Kindness for Jewish Parents, Children, Mentors, Teachers and Students of All Ages. COMPASSION (n.) - Genuine sympathy for and desire to help others who are suffering.
Cartoons and Videos for Kids
A Song about the story of Moses and how he and his siblings are there for one another Animated Video: Abraham and the Three Guests, Hachnasat Orchim Mitzvah Island Episode 3: Where Are Sarah and Avi?

I'll be there for you
A musical story about Moses
and his siblings

Written by six families from Berkeley
Courtesy of Studio G-d Cast

Video Cartoon: Abraham and the Visitors
A Lesson in Hachnasat Orchim
(Welcoming Guests)
Courtesy of Shalome Sesame

Mitzvah Island Episode 3:
Where Are Sarah and Avi?

Created by Dovid Taub

Animated Video: What Made Me Jewish by Noah Zimmerman Hillel, Shammai and the Golden Rule - While standing on one foot Israeli and Arab children can be friends

Video Cartoon: What Made Me Jewish
Created by Noah Zimmerman
for his Bar Mitzvah

Video Cartoon: Learn the Golden Rule
while standing on one foot!

Created by Shalom Sesame

Best Friends in Two Languages
Friendship in Hebrew and Arabic

Israeli and Arabic children
can be friends
Created by Shalom Sesame

Holiness Laws, A musical interpretation of Parashat (Weekly Torah portion) Kedoshim Kindness to all creatures Honi Comes Full Circle (A Tale for Tu B'shvat) about caring for our future generations

Holiness Laws
A musical interpretation of
Parashat Kedoshim

Written by Elana Jagoda
Courtesy of G-d Cast

Kindness to all creatures
Comic Created by JNF

Honi Comes Full Circle
A Tale for Tu B'shvat
about caring for our
future generations

Courtesy of G-d Cast

Prince of Egypt, When you Believe A Tale of Justice and Mercy Matisyahu One Day music video

Prince of Egypt:
When You Believe

A song of hope and perseverence

Justice and Mercy:
Advise the King

Comic Created by JNF

"One Day" music video
By Matisyahu